Day three in car, hot water and bears


Brown bear at border


Liard hot springs

Day three hot water and bears.

    We woke up on the third day in Liard.  I was excited because of how early I was able to get up, after driving extra long to make up some time we lost on slow roads.
     Liard is in B.C. Canada, there are some spectacular hot spring there, and waking up early meant I could spend extra time exploring  them.  Here comes the onion in the ointment, I was unaware of the time zone we passed through leaving the Yukon so was my phone and alarm clock.
     I know what you’re thinking, no one wants to spend more time in Canada then they have to.  So, if you wake up late just get going, keep moving.  But not me my friend, we made our coffee and breakfast at the hot springs with my jet boil saving that lost hour.  (BTW  if you didn’t know I love Canada)
     The road is still great driving with some great views, I could keep talking about it. I would rather not bore anyone, so I’ll recap some animals I saw along the way.
     Some with pictures.  Brown bear, rock sheep, sorry none for the rest; moose, elk, cairbou, prairie dogs (I think?) black bear, traveling cats (picture included).



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