Day 4 car. Highway 99




Hwy. 99 or the Sea to Sky Highway starts just north of a town called Cache Creek, in B.C. and ends before you get into Vancouver.  If for any reason you get the urge to drive, and want to imagine your a rally car driver, while seeing some of the best views of rivers, shear cliff walls of mountains, with grass pastures beneath them.  Wonderful moss covered trees, the third highest waterfall in B.C. and visit the home of the 2010 winter Olympic games in Whistler B.C.  then you need to drive the Sea to Sky Highway.
     I really don’t have the vocabulary to describe how much I enjoyed and how pretty that drive was. Also how much I want to go back already and do it again on a motorcycle, or at least in a car without a trailer behind it.
     As we pulled into Vancouver our last bit of time in Canada we decided to get some Tim Hortons  (what I thought to be a famous donut shop) and hang out in Stanley Park to write post cards and eat our snack, I’d recommend Stanley Park as a  topnotch place to enjoy an afternoon.  But Tim Hortons is just another fast food chain  with stale donuts and ok coffee.



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