Day 5-13 car

So.. I got a little distracted from writing, I’m just going to catch up on the last seven days.  Seattle to Boise; we spent a couple of days with Lu’s  friends in Seattle Chad, Christy, and there little girl Quinn, who were amazingly hospitable while Lu and I got more tire repairs done, and explored the city.


     Then on to Portland, we stayed in a town called Scappoose 15 minutes northwest, Nicole, Sam, and their boy Tyler made room for Lu and me. Thank you to all of Lu’s friends for hosting us, and a special thanks to Nicole who backed me a delicious birthday cake.


Portland breakfast

    Heading out of Portland on our way to Bend, we took US rt. 30 instead of interstate  84 which paralleled each other alongside  the Columbia river.  The reward for getting off the interstate, for only fifteen miles you can see five amazing water falls and the historic Vista house in Crown Point, Oregon.  Dedicated in 1918 as a rest stop for travelers along rt. 30,  I wish rest stops where still built to look like the Vista house.  The views you get of the Colunbia river gourge from this stop make it worth the little detour.





    Our next town was Bend, Oregon.  Lu put her mt. bike together and rented one for me, so we could check out some of there great trails there.  If your into mountain biking Bend is a great place, if your into mountain biking and beer it’s the only place.  There are 16 breweries in Bend, and you can attempt the longest ale trail in the west. If you can make it to 10 you get a free sillpint, all 16 and you get a sillpint and bottle opener. You don’t have to drink at all of them just collect stamps in a pass book, or use the free app and scan the QR codes at the brewery.



    After Bend  we headed  to Boise, our brother Pete lives there with his two kids Gavin and Bella.  We timed it just right to get there on the weekend, we all got to hang out and spend some time together.  The kids and I flew there drowns, and Pete made a reservation at some hotsprings 45 minutes outside of  Boise.  Really nice place more like a resort setting then the wilderness one in Canada, super relaxing.
     Lu and I did a lot of exploring the forementioned cities, all of which are fun places to go to and check for your self.  I wish we had more time at each of them.  So instead of corrupting your curiousity, do a Google search to see what interests you.  Get out of the familiar, explore, let every step and turn guide your adaventure.  It doesn’t have to be faraway, exotic, or expensive, just somewhere you’ve never been before.


2 thoughts on “Day 5-13 car

  1. PaPa Peter says:

    Thanks for the update and the great pictures.
    Lucy, Happy Birthday. I will have a cake for you when we meet at I-10
    From talking to you yesterday you are pretty busy getting ready for the long hike on PCT.


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