PCT Mile 50!!! 

Day four on the PCT and Phil and I are camped at mile 50 high in the mountains! We pulled a long day yesterday 16 (18 if you count the water refill detour) so we could have a nice long layover stop in Mount Laguna. Woke up early and trucked the six miles into town for food and water, cute little stop. We learned over the past few days that we each must carry our own trowel! Since I’m the one carrying it and usually hike a mile or two slower than Phil it made sense for him to have his own. 

Southern Terminus with Rowan and Declan

Wow! The desert gets wicked cold at night add the wind and it nearly feels like Alaska here in Southern California. We’ve both been cold from the start, cool overcast days with a light breeze, well yesterday was nice and sunny but still breezy. We hung out at the lodge this morning to get warm, drink some coffee and catch up up reading and writing. A welcomed break. 

Lucys Castle

Yesterday we hiked a section of trail just north of Kitchen Creek road near mile 30, I loved it. I love how this trail is so beautifully countoured with its surroundings, the way it winds around, up and over passes, just lovely. 

trail section near mile 30

We don’t know what tomorrow brings; easy water sources and camp sites, cool cloudy weather or hot sunny weather, but we’ll take each step in stride and thank God for these amazing landscapes and the opportunity to experience it. 


PCT mile 44


One thought on “PCT Mile 50!!! 

  1. PaPa Peter says:

    Thanks for the pictures and update about your location.
    I don’t see a campsite mile 50
    I will now be able to gage the date we can meet.
    Doing 16 miles per day is a good pace that puts you on schedule.
    The forecast is for cool weather in the mountains.
    California always seem cold at night.
    Glad you are working things out.


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