Wednesday May 4

   Toady we are at Warner springs, that’s 109 miles the first week into the hike.
     I got my first shower if you can call it that, it was a 5 gallon bucket and a pitcher to pour water on myself.  It was still the best shower I’ve had in awhile!
     So, Lu I think talked about how the desert  was cold. Well, I can tell you now that we are definitely in the hot part now, it still gets cool at night, but during the day we are drinking more water, and shade is a commodity.
The views have been amazing.



   Two nights ago I cowboy camped up on a mountain, in the middle of the night I woke to the most beautiful display of stars, which gave off enough light to see the contours of the peaks and valleys.  I didn’t want to go back to sleep. But the morning rewarded me just as much.



4 thoughts on “Wednesday May 4

  1. Jeff Heys says:

    Well done, you two!! We’ve been thinking about you daily. Enjoy your next stretch of the trail, a gorgeous one and the final leg on the Cleveland National Forest!


  2. Jeff Heys says:

    Wow! I guess your ankle must have healed. Ah, Idyllwild, and Tahquitz Peak in particular. Welcome to the SoCal alpine zone! I see crazy big elevation changes in your future. But you should be up to the challenge by now. Wishing you well – good weather and glorious views too!


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