Nero Day (Not quite a Zero Day) 

Phil hiking a meadow near Warner Springs

100 miles completed and a nice layover in Warner Springs at mile 109. Phil and I have been putting some hefty miles on the past couple days; May 2nd- 18 miles, May 3rd-18.5 miles and our bodies are feeling it. Phil and I agreed not to do over 15 miles a day the first couple of weeks, however because of water sources and food resupply locations you have to make exceptions. All the extra miles and weight of carrying water (sometimes 6 litters a day) has taken a toll on my right ankle. After talking with my friend Rachel who’s a sports therapist, she diagnosed I have a stressed posterior tibial tendon. So, our Nero Day (nearly zero day=half day off, some hiking) was filled with icing, stretching and resting my ankle. We’ll take off here in a few hours to put in a cool day of ten miles on our way to Paradise Cafe on Hwy 74 the Pines to Palms highway (PCT 151). 

Cowboy camping PCT Mile 82.5

The past few days have been of extremes, crossed two mountains in the hottest weather we’ve had thus far and nearly cried when a Trail Angel appeared with a gallon of water for each of us when we were nearly out of water and still a ways from a possible source. Cowboy camped (sleeping outside without a tent) on a beautiful mountain ledge watched the stars at night and a glorious sunrise the next morning. 

May 3rd Sunrise at PCT Mile 82.5

It’s amazing how our bodies and mental toughness have been challenged so far, it truly makes me feel alive and puts my life into perspective. Every time I think “this is hard” I’m reminded of my Special Olympics athletes and how hard the work and push themselves to be better skiers. My life is so blessed and I’m so lucky to be here where I am. 

Anchorage Special Olympic Ski Team = my inspiration

As my brother Mark told me the other day the most important thing I can do on this trail is take care of myself. So, today’s Nero day was every bit worth it. It’s a long journey and I want to see what’s around every corner! 

San Felipe Hills

Thanks again for your love and support! 



3 thoughts on “Nero Day (Not quite a Zero Day) 

  1. Andrew Laub says:

    keep trucking, we are rooting for you. Tell Phil I might be able to sell his car for maybe 2500, how low is he willing to go if there are “negotiations”. Heidi said you guys are “awesome”.


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