200 more miles…

Wow! 200 miles have flown by since Warner Springs, here we are at PCT mile 330 chilling with our dad at Silverwood Lake campground siping on gin and juice, no wait, sorry, sipping on Dr. Pepper. Crazy how on the trail you crave the most terrible things, like a seven month pregnant woman. Who the heck drinks Dr. Pepper in the outside world? Not this girl but on the trail it’s all I think about!! Umm… Sweet, sweet Dr. Pepper! 

A windy hike to Ziggy and the Bear

Well, after a grueling 24 mile hike off San Jacinto Peak (elevation 10,800′) we met up with our dad! He was waiting for us at Ziggy and the Bears place at mile 210, a couple of older sassy Trail Angels who know how to host ‘hiker trash’. They provide the most sought after hiker needs; pizza, soda, ice cream, hotish showers and laundry!! It was all a sight to see and a great way to reunite with other hikers as dad was having fun being Bears helper and chatting with hikers. It’s been a grand time having dad and the RV to help us along and provide us with our own Ziggy and the Bears mobile services… Dr. Pepper! 

Mt. Jacinto the one with snow on it

Another milestone was our first resupply in Big Bear. A very, very BIG thanks goes out to our cousin Drew, long time family friend Katie, Alaskan friend Brie and our pals in San Diego Penny and Jeff for the awesome care packages, letters and well wishes! Thank you so much for making us feel so loved! A special thanks to Penny and Jeffs kiddos Rowan and Declan for decorating our packages with sweet stickers! Thanks guys! Please keep the love and support coming as we have a few long desert days coming up where we’ll be carrying six liters of water up 6,000′ of elevation gain. But you know the best part, having our dad waiting for us on the other end of that mountain. 

10,800′ Mt. Jacinto with trail friend ‘Chopper’

Over the past few weeks I’ve been thinking of lots of blog topics and wanted to vet a few. 

– Trail Names

-What we thinking about during our 18 mile day hikes in the blazing sun

-Trail Food


What would you like me to write about? Suggest a topic! 

Reading at sunset to my cowboy camping trail friends

Hope everyone is well and if you are feeling in a giving mood please see
my ‘Charity Causes’ page and donate a mile or two. I’ve raised 295 miles and hiked 330 so I’m a little behind. 

Thank you! 



5 thoughts on “200 more miles…

  1. aimeechauvot says:

    Oh my goodness, Lu. I drank so much Coca Cola in France because it was SO hot and I just wanted some sugar! The first time I had Coke back in the states it was gross. Ha!


  2. Jeff Heys says:

    I too would love to know what goes through your mind after the first week on the trail (as far as I’ve ever gone). Trail food is a close second, since I still need to create a menu for the High Sierra Trail.


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