Three weeks on the trail

We just made it three weeks on the pct, and we are halfway through the desert 350 more miles and we’ll start the Sierras.

image  Lu posted the question, what are we thinking about while hiking?   So, if your interested here is a stream of consciousness, from my mind.
  Wake up,  pack up gear, wow the sunrise is pretty, God I’m still sore, my feet hurt. Put pack on, man my pack is still heavy at least it doesn’t feel so bad when it’s on.  17 miles today that’s not to bad, I’ll lossen up after the first mile.  Say bye to everyone in camp.   It’s super nice weather today, left foot right foot.. Oh that pretty. 


   I wonder how everyone back home is doing, I should call people next time I have service.  Is it to early in the day to have a snack, what’s that smell, oh it’s  me, what snack should I have, yeah I love almond snickers.  These plants to are cool, I wish I knew more about plant species.  Who sings that song I like, how does it go ” Alabama Arkansas I sure do love my muw and paw”  could I name all the states,  maybe, the stupid small ones on east coast are tricky.  Wow, I should get a picture of that.


  When is this stupid trail going to stop going up hill?  I think I like up hill more, yeah down hill hurts my knee.. there’s  another hiker I should talk to them. “Hi”  “hi”
“See you later”  “yeah”.  I hope I have enough water, I should look up the next water stop, how far have I gone all ready?  WHAT?!  Only 2 miles.  I wonder what everyone  back home is up to.  

image My water stop later that day.  It took five minutes for the gallon jug to fill up, then I still had to filter it.


3 thoughts on “Three weeks on the trail

  1. Catherine says:

    I LOVE this post! It made me laugh and reminded me of the dog from “Up.” Glad you are enjoying the beauty God built into this landscape.


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